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Taken September 2003 from Cusco to Lima

The aircraft was a B727. Age was clearly visible, my seat was broken and could not stay in 'the upright position', required for takeoff and landing.

Boarding was quick and efficient. The crew did their job, but nothing more and the safety demonstration was not convincing at all, which worried me a little (imagine something goes wrong...).

Food consisted of a tasty chicken sandwich and a typical Peruvian pastry and was quite tasty.

The flight was perfectly on time.

Considering the price, good value, but the feeling of safety was not 100%...

Would you fly with this Airline again? Yes
Return Ticket? No
Ticket Class? Economy
International Flight? No
Does the passenger take regular flights (with any airline)? No
Service marks (out of 10) 7
Flight on time marks (out of 10) 10
Comfort marks (out of 10) 6
Value marks (out of 10) 7
Date of Entry Friday 3rd of October, 2003
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